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Welcome Back!

I haven’t updated the site in awhile, but I plan to start again soon, so comment or e-mail in your requests!


User Tabs

I’ve added a “User Tabs” section to the site today. You can send me your own tabs and chords, and they will be posted in the User Tabs section. Don’t forget, they must be in .doc or .rtf form, and if you’d like credit, please include a name and/or e-mail to put in the .pdf. Send any tabs to



Welcome to Nick’s Ukulele site! Here, you will find everything ukulele: news, tabs, and chords! To find a song, type it in the search box, or to submit your own tab for a song, send it to



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Request a Song

E-mail me at with a song title and it's artist to request the chords or tabs!

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